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SDEMobile Enterprise is a centrally managed framework for enterprise level
mobile data distribution, empowering your mobile workforce with instant
access to key information at the point of business.
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Expanding the standard ITIL processes and functions, users are able to view, create and update any type of custom designed record directly on their mobile device. Building on the standard SDEMobile framework, updates are automatically sent and received thanks to SDEMobile's transparent background synchronisation.

Mobile sales management data distribution, mileage logs, expense logs, remote timesheet submission, delivery tracking; these are just a few of the possible applications for SDEMobile's Enterprise solution. All custom designed modules, tables and data fields may be selected for mobile distribution by the SDEMobile Enterprise administrator.
Configurable Mobile Forms and Menus
All forms and lists available to mobile users are configurable via SDEMobile's central editor.
Changes made to layouts and lists are automatically sent to all connected mobile devices as part of the standard SDEMobile synchronisation process.

Structural updates to the service desk (e.g. new table fields) are also distributed during the "Send & Received" process, transparently replicating the server database structure onto the mobile device.
Central Administration Console
The SDEMobile Management Console provides a central configuration point for all connected mobile devices. From this web based portal, administrators have access to mobile form editors, security options, license management and server administration functions.

Configuration updates are automatically sent to all mobile devices as part of the standard "Send & Receive" process, ensuring the mobile workforce is always up-to-date with the latest settings.
Offline and Online Modes
With SDEMobile's "Offline" mode, users have constant access to data regardless of network coverage. Updates are stored locally on a SQL Server Compact Edition database, ready for synchronisation once network access is restored.
Secure Data Communications and Storage
Mobile handsets connect directly to the SDEMobile Server via the industry standard protocols, making use of the available network infrastructure, including Wireless LANs (Wi-Fi), GPRS, and HSPDA services.
Secure VPN connections are supported via the handset's built in VPN client (where available, please check handset features for details). SDEMobile communications are further secured with the use of an optional 128bit SSL Certificate* for added security.

Data is stored on the on-board SQL Server Compact Edition database may also be encrypted and password protected to prevent unauthorised access.
Distribute your information securely to your mobile workforce with SDEMobile, the power to act at the point of business.