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SDEMobile Scanner is a centralized asset management solution for BMC® Service Desk Express. Take control of your organization's assets and reduce costs with SDEMobile, the power to act at the point of business.
Asset Management at your Fingertips
SDEMobile Scanner offers a powerful centralized asset management and reporting solution for BMC® Service Desk Express, a leading service management application.
With SDEMobile Scanner, your organization is able to maintain an accurate asset inventory with our fully configurable hand-held devices. From asset check-in through to location and ownership updates, the portable barcode scanner and RFID reader modules ensure the right information is available in the right place at the right time.
With offline access modes and optional encryption features, your field staff benefit from secure access to the information they need. Tailored audit reports, a central management console and a scalable framework ensure your solution develops as your requirements grow.
SDEMobile Scanner, accurate and scalable asset management at your fingertips.
The Solution
SDEMobile Scanner is a feature-rich mobile application based on the flexible SDEMobile framework. A summary of the key mobility features are listed below:
•	One-Click Check-In
	Build an accurate asset database via the easy to use check-in form. Select the type of asset to check-in, and proceed to scan the corresponding barcodes or RFID tags to create a full inventory of your asset types, locations, owners, etc... Serial numbers, asset tags and other relevant details are captured with a single scan.
•	One-Click Identify
	Instant access to full asset data is available via the Identify mobile form. Simply select the identifier field (e.g. asset tag) and scan the barcode or RFID tag to view the full asset data, including client records, vendor details, location, warranty expiry, etc...
•	One-Click Update
	The world is constantly changing, and so are your assets. Without a reliable method for tracking status updates, location changes and new owners, your asset database is soon out of date. With SDEMobile's Update feature, users select the data to be updated (e.g. new location), and proceed to scan the barcode or RFID tags for all assets in that location. Any changes are highlighted via an optional popup message.
•	Offline Mode
	The on-board mobile database holds a mirror copy of the service desk data, ready for use in areas of low network coverage. Updates carried out while working Offline are stored in the mobile Outbox ready to "Send and Receive". The auto-sync feature keeps the mobile and service desk data in up to date.
•	Configurable Forms
	All forms and lists are configurable via SDEMobile's mobile editor. Configuration updates are automatically sent to all connected mobile devices as part of the send and receive process. Structural service desk updates are transparently distributed, replicating the server structure onto the mobile database.
•	BMC® Service Desk Express Integration
	SDEMobile's seamless integration with BMC® Service Desk Express and it's pre-configured mobile applications provide an asset management environment that is ready to use in minutes. Access to customer and asset modules are further defined via SDEMobile's Administration Portal, providing a centralized mobile asset management solution.
Out-of-the-Box Applications
SDEMobile's configurable forms and wide range of compatible devices enable a multitude of mobile implementations. The available pre-configured applications are listed below. Further applications may be defined via SDEMobile's Administration Portal.
•	Asset Tracking and Auditing
	Easily audit assets in multiple locations thanks to SDEMobile's quick asset check-in and update functions. The customizable auditing forms provide a scalable and flexible asset management solution that grows with your organization's needs.
•	Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA)
	SDEMobile Scanner supports RMA process thanks to it's asset status tracking feature. Tight integration with  BMC® Service Desk Express ensures assets are closely coupled with customer data. RMA requests are issued and processed directly on the mobile device or service desk forms.
•	Event Attendance Management
	The Check-in, Identify and Update scanner features are applied to event attendees. Badges may be created based on pre-registration data, or printed at the door. 
The Power to Act
SDEMobile Scanner changes the way we view asset management. Inventory audits and stock processing are now easily achievable thanks to SDEMobile's data management features.
Empower your staff, take control of your assets and reduce overall costs with SDEMobile, the power to act at the point of business.